‘Explore,Experience and Educate’ Programme

The Athy Heritage Centre- Shackleton Museum places a strong emphasis on formulating and developing a wide variety of educational programmes and activities.

Offering a  wide range of hands-on, educational activities. Guided tours, interactive workshops and activity packs which allows students to explore our exhibitions in a fun, diverse and accessible way. Included in the tour is ours after visit educational pack which helps extend the experience back into the classroom/learning environment.

The Explore, Experience and Educate’ programme is our educational pack/s encompassing all the themes within the Museum 


Primary Schools

  • Medieval History & Archaeology
  • The Famine
  • World War I
  • Polar History
  • Transport Heritage
  • Grand Canal and the River Barrow

Secondary School/ Scout, Guide, Youth Groups and Adult Learning

  • Tourism/Communication
  • Leadership/Motivation/Presentation
  • Themed Project Design
  • Archaeology
  • Waterway / Flora and Fauna
The above can be tailored to suit school/groups needs

The Aims of the educational programme ‘Explore, Experience and Educate’ Programme are:


  1. To further grow our partnerships with local schools and groups, in order to develop broad-based programmes which both benefit and enrich community life
  2. Athy Heritage Centre- Shackleton Museum will constantly broaden and deepen the interpretation of each theme within the Museum to expand and facilitate opportunities for learning on both the casual and the in-depth levels. 
  3. The education policy will guide the design of new and exciting exhibits inspired by the proverb- “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do and I understand”. 
  4. To expand the idea of “museum” beyond the physical confines of the building.


Examples of some of our educational activity packs : 

Sir Ernest Shackleton Colouring Sheet 

Shackleton Crossword

Shackleton A3 Worksheet