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What would Shackleton do? Podcast Series

John Cary, Actor, Blue Raincoat Theatre

Dr Juliana Adelman, Assistant Professor of History at Dublin City University, has combined with the Shackleton Committee in Athy, Co; Kildare and actor John Carty of the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company to produce a series of short podcasts which relate  Shackleton’s experiences to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ernest Shackleton wrote about what is needed to survive the adversities which life throws up. He identified Optimism, Patience, Idealism and Courage as key characteristics. Shackleton is recognised as a role model for his leadership in times of crisis, most notably the 1914 – 1917 ‘Endurance’ expedition where, having lost the expedition ship, he led his 27 crew through one of the greatest ever survival epics.

This series of podcasts,  themed on Shackleton’s four key principles,  examines his expertise and methods and look at how these relate to the issues we are facing as we navigate the Covid period.

It was decided that, over 100 years after Shackleton documented his key characteristics, one addition was required arising from the direct experiences of Front Line Health workers with the current pandemic – that is ‘Kindness’.

We hope you enjoy our project, and that the wisdom of ‘The Boss’ inspires you and gives you new insight into life as it is now, and as it will be when we emerge.

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Episode 1: Optimism

Episode 2: Patience

Episode 3: Courage

Episode 4: Idealism

Episode 5: Kindness

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Press And Promotions

The  Irish Times

An article titled “Four traits you need to ride out the pandemic, Shackleton style In order of importance: optimism, then patience, next idealism and lastly courage ”  by Dr Juliana Adelman published by the Irish Times explores our need for the ‘What Would Shackleton Do?’ Podcast during this time of uncertainty .

The Kildare Nationalist

An article titled ‘All Episodes of the Podcast Available Now’ by journalist Conor Forrest published by the Kildare Nationalist. Promotes a glowing recommendation for the podcast series focusing on the final episode Kindness.

Spirit Radio

SpiritRadios host Rónán Johnston spoke to Dr Juliana Adelman from DCU, about the Shackleton podcast series and how we can relate some aspects of the explorer’s life to isolation today.

Interview with the Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy interviewed Dr Juliana Adelman of DCU, about her latest project with Kevin Kenny (Shackleton Autumn School) and Professor Jim McAdam (Shackleton Scholarship Committee). Dr Adelman’s new podcast ‘What would Shackleton do?’ considers what we can learn from the explorer in the current Covid-19 crisis.

Karen Woods Blog

Karen Woods a journalist and broadcaster who has worked in news, communications and training for more than 30 years gives and insightful and fresh interview about the “What Would Shackleton Do” podcast series.

Hosts and Guest of the “What would Shackleton do? Podcast Series”

Dr. Juliana Adelman

Assistant Professor of History at Dublin City University, Author, Presenter and Producer

Seamus Taaffe

Director of the Shackleton Museum and Historian

Kevin Kenny

Director of the Shackleton Museum and Historian

Jonathan Shackleton

Author and Historian

Prof. Jim McAdams  OBE

Agricultural scientist specialising in agri–environment measures and in the potential for agroforestry systems to deliver across a range of ecosystem services.

John Carty

Actor. Blue Raincoat Theatre Company

Page author Bethany Webb McConville