Saturday Day Ticket for 23rd Shackleton Autumn School



Don’t miss out on a Saturday day ticket to the 23rd Shackleton Autumn School for €95

10:00 Doug Cochrane Airborne in Antarctica

What are the challenges, thrills and spills of piloting a plane in Antarctica? With a career as a pilot in a wide range of settings including seven seasons with the British Antarctic Survey, Doug is well positioned to talk us through the ups and downs of taking to the Antarctic skies.
11:00 Synnøve Marie Kvam Strømsvag Inspiring Explorers – how explorers have inspired others to break barriers small and large

Over 100 years ago a young boy wrote a letter to the King of England to asking to convince Shackleton to bring him on the upcoming Quest expedition. With this as the starting point, this talk will focus on what it is about explorers that inspires people to make changes, take initiative, grasp opportunities, and take chances. With personal reflections, stories and examples from several individuals, this talk will ‘explore’ what it is that explorers can bring to others, beyond scientific results. Synnøve will also will also give a sneak peak into methods for uncovering information about individuals long gone, and how more readily available archives and documents can shed light on personal lives of the past.
12:00 Michael Rosove Reflections Upon the Centenary of Hugh Robert Mill’s The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton
14:30 Mike Robinson “Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all”
15:30 Hugh Turner Vindicating Cherry, my Curmudgeonly Uncle
16:30 IceBreakers Lots of interesting topics  in a ‘5 slides in 5 minutes’ format presented by energetic, enthusiastic speakers. The most informative, imaginative and entertaining contribution gets the Bob Burton memorial trophy.