Sunday Day Ticket for the 23rd Shackleton Autumn School



Don’t miss out on a Sunday day ticket to the 23rd Shackleton Autumn School for €65

10:00 Caitlin Brandon The Shoemaker’s Child : Alexander Macklin and the shaping of Shackleton’s expedition narratives
11:00 Nick Cox The Development of Polar Clothing & Equipment
12:00 Mensun Bound The Endurance: conception, construction, destruction and reconstruction.

Drawing on research conducted on ‘Endurance’ pre and post its rediscovery in March 2022 by the Endurance22 expedition, Mensun, who was director of exploration on that expedition and who has a track record of marine vessel investigations  will take us through the ship, its strengths, areas of vulnerability, and how conditions combined to take down what was reputed to be one of  the strongest  wooden ships ever built. Expect lots of exciting new information to surface.
Afternoon Various parallel events, including ‘Navigation with a compass’, ‘We swam in the Griese…and came out dripping’ (surprise event), Polar film, guided bus tour of Shackleton country etc…..