Explore, Experience and Educate

The Shackleton Museum and Athy Heritage Centre places a strong emphasis on formulating and developing a wide variety of hands-on educational programmes and activities. We offer guided tours, interactive workshops and activity packs to allow students to explore our exhibitions in a fun, diverse and accessible way.

Included in the tour is an after-visit educational pack which helps extend the experience back into the classroom/learning environment.

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Educational Activities & News

Kathrine MacInnes Podcast is going live tonight about Snow Widows - The women behind Captain Scott’s expedition to the...

Amundsen 150th  Birthday

Amundsen 150th Birthday

Amundsen's 150th birthday. All at the Shackleton Museum extends our best wishes to Geir and Staff in the Fram Museum,...

Primary Schools

  • Medieval History & Archaeology
  • The Famine
  • World War I
  • Polar History
  • Transport Heritage
  • Grand Canal and the River Barrow

Secondary School/ Scout, Guide, Youth Groups and Adult Learning

  • Tourism/Communication
  • Leadership/Motivation/Presentation
  • Themed Project Design
  • Archaeology
  • Waterway / Flora and Fauna
The above can be tailored to suit school/groups needs

The Aims of the educational programme ‘Explore, Experience and Educate’ Programme are:

  1. To further grow our partnerships with local schools and groups, in order to develop broad-based programmes which both benefit and enrich community life
  2. Athy Heritage Centre- Shackleton Museum will constantly broaden and deepen the interpretation of each theme within the Museum to expand and facilitate opportunities for learning on both the casual and the in-depth levels.
  3. The education policy will guide the design of new and exciting exhibits inspired by the proverb- “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do and I understand”.
  4. To expand the idea of “museum” beyond the physical confines of the building.

Examples of some of our educational activity packs :

Sir Ernest Shackleton Colouring Sheet

Shackleton Crossword

Shackleton A3 Worksheet

Latest Exhibitions

Special School offer €2 per student, includes educational pack.