Shackleton’s Crow’s Nest

Feb 7, 2022 | Ernest Shackleton, Exhibition

This barrel is Shackleton’s Crow’s Nest from the ship the Quest. Centenary celebrations will take place worldwide. On loan from All Hallows by the Tower the ‘Crow’s Nest’ is a central piece of our exhibition ‘Quest Shackleton’s last expedition’.

During the refitting of ship at Shackleton’s instructions the Crow’s Nest was added. Constructed like a normal wooden barrel it was secured at the top of the main mast by two iron hoops and Shackleton had it fitted with an electric heater. When Shackleton was ask at the Titanic inquiry for his expert opinion, he singled out the need to slow down through ice and the value of a ship’s lookout or “crow’s nest”.

One hundred years ago the Kildare born polar explorer died of a heart attack on board the ‘Quest’ ship and here we are a hundred years on and the world is joining in the centenary celebrations of the death of an iconic figure .

Here you can explore the object..  Interactive 3D model of the Quest Crow’s Nest(The 3D model may take a few moments to load.)

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